Photography Styles

Isn’t it great to be able to take out a camera and commit a certain image or memory to film or to a digital card without even having to think about it?

It wasn’t always so easy of course.  And in fact it has only been a little over a century since photography as we know it now has come to the fore. 

But photography dates back a little further than that.  The first true pinhole camera was the camera obscura, and amazingly enough it dated back to around 1000AD.  We’d have to wait a little longer to commit more accurate and detailed pictures to film however.  But from that point on we soon developed different types of photography styles.

Landscape photography

For some photographers – both amateur and professional – their interests lie in taking shots of landscapes.

These landscapes can be broad and sweeping, in any part of the world and in any form.  It could be a shot of a glacier or a single leaf in close up.  This is the beauty of landscape photography – it shows us an altogether different way of seeing the world around us.

Portrait photography

Every family has an example of portrait photography in their home somewhere.  We tend to think of it as a staid picture with one or more people all grouped together.

But in fact portrait photography can be much more than that.  The focus is on people, but from that point on the photographer can be quite creative with what they want to do.

Wildlife photography

We’ve all seen some great photos of animals in strange or amusing situations.  We’ve also seen some fantastic pictures featuring animals in their natural habitat that are quite breathtaking.  Wildlife photography of all kinds is quite stunning to see.

Still life photography

Even something that seems dull like a mug or a plant can provide ample inspiration for still life photography.  Many photographers seek to use unusual angles or simply a different viewpoint to capture still life in a different way.

And all the others...

There are other forms of photography as well of course, such as wedding photography and high art photography.  But there is no doubt that the above forms are the best known and most familiar to a lot of people.

For the person who first came up with the concept of the camera obscura, they can hardly have believed where we would be today, so many years later.  We have gone from those very simple beginnings through black and white to colour, and then through to leaving film behind and moving on to digital pictures instead.

Most people enjoy taking photos although some elect to take things further and become more involved in photography.  This is one of the most exciting things about modern photography and cameras – they are accessible to everyone.