Fine Art Photography

There are lots of different types of photography that each focus on a different area of interest.† One area that isnít often targeted by beginners is fine art photography.

What is fine art photography?

This kind of photography sees the person taking the photos as more of an artist, rather than simply being a photographer.† They have a vision for their pictures that they always try to achieve, rather than simply framing a shot and taking the best photo they can.

Fine art photography is also unique in that it uses all manner of different subjects for topics.† You could look at fine art photos using people as their subjects, still life as a subject or anything else you could think of.

What else is indicative of fine art photography?

In many ways the photo itself is just the beginning of the fine art experience.† It has to be presented in just the right way as well.

This extends to the frame it is presented in, which should ideally set it off to just the right degree.† Sometimes it may be minimal with no actual frame at all, but on other occasions the frame could be very ornate indeed.† It all depends on how the photographer wants to present their photo to the world.

The other obvious aspect of fine art photography is the lighting it is presented in.† When the photographer has gone to so much trouble to take the perfect shot, they want not only to display it in a suitable frame they also want to light it properly.† The combination of the three elements should hopefully achieve what the photographer wanted to achieve from the beginning.

It is also the case that some fine art photographers become quite well known for their photography efforts.† Some of them have produced iconic photographs which later change hands for incredible amounts.† Some people invest in the work of certain photographers in this niche purely because they are popular and it really is an investment to do so.

Fine art photography is a little vague in some cases though, purely because you cannot come up with a definition that suits everyone.† Some people think that certain examples of nude photography constitute fine art.† Others think that nude photography is an entirely different thing altogether and cannot be classed as such.

So you see that to an extent fine art has to be in the eye of the beholder.† It is clearly not just any photography and not just any photograph that can fit into this category though.† We all have our own opinions, but there are definitely some photographers who fall into this category with their photos.† They can be eye catching, stunning and even controversial, but fine art photos can make all the difference to the walls in your home.† Which ones would you pick?