There are many things you can do rather than simply printing out your Fujifilm photos from your camera. There are a number of special keepsake items you can create with some of your much loved photographs, and there is a huge range of photographic companies that offer innovative photographic services for your individual requirements.

Some innovative ideas that you can implement with your much loved photos are printing out calendars with your pictures on them. This means that for every day of the year you have a different picture with a special holiday photo of yourself or of a loved one.

There are a number of other things that you can do with your much loved photos other than simply printing them as paper. Why not print them onto mugs, key rings, key chains or ornaments to remind you of your loved ones with their cheesy grins on them? This is a hugely popular photographic service which can make an ideal gift for a loved one and brighten up a special person’s day.

Photographic gifts are an ideal present for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or birth and can leave a lasting impression on the person who receives it. Fujifilm Cameras have developed many models and lots of them are ideal for printing and doing more with it. Another great idea is to create a photo book with all your special moments collated together. You can create a photo book of a special birthday party, a birth, a wedding or a favourite holiday and have it created and bound just like a real book - only with your face all over in it!

There are many photographic services and companies that allow you to create photo books and give you the opportunity to select your favourite images to include and create the book. And there are a number of crystal ornaments that can have your photographs engraved on it, either in black and white or in colour, to give an extra special gift.

If you want to you can even include a photo on a custom made t-shirt or cup and it would make a great reminder or memorable gift to have your photos included on something you wear. There are countless options and ideas to make more out of your photographs, such as putting photos on to canvas and creating keepsakes. The choice is really down to you.