Portrait Photography

Lots of different kinds of photos have people as their subject.  But the most prevalent and well known type of photography in this sense is portrait photography.

Most of us have one or more pictures in our home, hanging on our walls or tucked away in albums, that loosely fall into this category.  The idea is that the photo shows one or more people together facing the camera.  But while you may be able to see more than just the face, there is no doubt that the facial features are the key aspect of portrait photography.

Single subjects

We have all seen portraits of single subjects, whether in recent times or in the distant past.  The key thing to note about these is that the subject is often sitting, but they can also be standing or lying down.

Whatever position they are in the main focus is still the face.  It is also not necessary to be smiling at all.  Indeed many older portrait photos do not depict the person smiling since it took longer for the photo to be exposed than it does today.

Family portraits

Many families have had a portrait taken of all of them at some stage.  Mum, dad and the kids are all arranged together in a group and the photographer takes the snap shot.

In situations like this some of the family members may be sitting while others are standing.  A lot may depend on the ages and heights of the family members, since they should all be arranged neatly in the final picture.

It is even possible for a photographer to take a picture of their family and be in it themselves.  This is done by triggering the camera to take the photo from a tripod, while holding the extended shutter button at the end of a cable.  It is simply hidden from view in the picture itself.

Professional sittings

The best way to obtain the best quality photo is to go to a professional photographer to get it.

These sittings can be quite expensive but quite often you can get special deals that enable you to get the sitting for free and simply buy whatever photos you want afterwards.

Many family portraits are then framed and added to the walls of the family home.  This is a wonderful way to bring the whole family together and show whoever visits the home who lives there.

As you can see there is more to portrait photography than you might think.  Some photographers specialise in this type of photography, and with the aid of positioning and backdrop they can get some more unusual and eye catching results.

Certainly, if you think portrait photography is just one or more people standing or sitting around looking at the camera, think again.  It can be a whole lot more than that.