Wildlife Photography

Do you have what it takes to shoot sensational wildlife photography?† Most people havenít Ė in all honesty this is one of the most challenging areas you could choose when it comes to taking photos.

One key thing you need above all the cameras and equipment is patience.† Take bird watching for example.† Letís say you want to take some pictures of birds in their natural habitat.† Itís no good to wander around making noise while you are trying to accomplish this task.† You need to be quiet and still, possibly for hours while you wait for that perfect shot to come along.† And it still may never arrive.

This isnít the only skill you will need either, as you are about to see.

Knowledge of the wildlife you want to shoot

Most people think they would need knowledge of cameras and so on to be able to take the photographs they want.† But this is only half of the deal.† You certainly need the right equipment but you also need to know where to go.

This could be influenced by what you have immediately around you.† Letís say for example that your house backs onto a huge pond which continually has baby moorhens with their mother.† If you know this you may see this as a good photo opportunity.† You would then get set up in the right position and wait to take the photos you really want.

But supposing you wanted to take a photo of a wild fox?† In this case you would have to start by doing some research to see which area you would be most likely to see them in.† This shows you how knowledge can be the beginning of the whole process of successful photo taking.

Having the right equipment

This is another essential thing to have, and we have touched on the subject already.† The main thing to remember here is that you donít need to get too close to your subject if you have the right lenses.

Zoom lenses are essential if you want to get involved in wildlife photography.† Weíve all seen stunning pictures that appear to be close ups of various animals such as lions.† But do you really think the photographer was able to get that close to some of these animals without alerting them to their position?

Of course not Ė zoom lenses and other pieces of equipment can be thanked for this.† Another good piece of equipment to have is a tripod, since you can keep your camera set up for prolonged slices of time.† The only thing is that it may not be as versatile on a tripod.

So you see, you would need different lenses, filters, tripods and heaven alone knows what else to stand a chance of being successful with wildlife photography.† Add this to knowledge and determination and you can enjoy some sensational photos as a result.